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Archaic Revival Collective

Archaic Revival Collective
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Archaic Revival Collective is a women-owned and operated wellness boutique in Magnolia, TX. We offer an eclectic variety of Hemp apothecary, CBD, and magical artisanal products. We create a large portion of our inventory by hand with all natural ingredients and a lot of love or we outsource from other artisans and sell with the intention to help heal the mind, body, and spirit. We strive to always give you the best in bath, body, and beauty products on the market with a continuing drive to keep things fresh and unique. The owners of Archaic both come from an entrepreneur and esthetics background which allows for an incredibly magical customer service experience. We hope that when you come into The A.R.C, you feel as if you stepped into a second home. We are always eager to educate others on the power of CBD and natural products as well as guide them on their own personal journey. We do the research for you and vet every product in the shop to ensure you are getting the best quality product, as well as the most customized experience we can offer you. We are always welcoming ideas and suggestions for what you want to see in the boutique. This business is about YOU, the customers. We are simply just the vessel to supply what your wildest dreams may be needing.