When you start a business, you need a website. But where to even begin? In this article, I will list the things that are essential elements before starting a website.

A Domain:

What is a domain?

Think of a domain like a business address. A domain is an URL that people can type in the web browser to access your website. 

How to get a domain? 

To get a domain name for your website, you need to register it first. Domain registration is the key to reserving a web address on the internet. To register a domain name, you need to go through a registration process.  If you’re serious about getting your business off the ground, don’t short-change yourself. Get the real estate you deserve by registering a domain name. In order to claim the domain that belongs to you, you need to renew the license once per year. You can also pay in advance. 

How long should you have the domain? 

My answer is as long as your business exists. Just like renting a house. You have to pay the rent as long as you are leasing the property. 

Where do I register my domain?

There are many sites you can register your domain name. I simply use Godaddy and Google domains for my business and my clients’ business.

A Hosting Plan:

What is web hosting?

Web hosting services enable you to publish a website on the Internet. A hosting provider will rent a portion of its web server to store your website’s files and data. Whenever someone types in your website’s domain name, your hosting provider will be responsible for sending its content to the visitor. Doing thorough research is essential in choosing your web hosting company since some companies provide extras like domain registration.

How Do I get a web hosting service?

There are many companies that provide hosting services. As for my experience, I prefer Godaddy and Blue Host. 

Types of Website Hosting and Pricing

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a fast and easy way to get your website up and running. Starting from around $9.99 per month, shared hosting is the most affordable option and is perfect for small businesses or personal websites. 

VPS Hosting 

A physical server can be divided into multiple partitions, allowing website users to have their own environment with dedicated resources. This hosting type is perfect for system administrators and developers.

WordPress Hosting

You might have heard “WordPress”. WordPress is a content management system, is a website tool that lets you easily enter, edit, and publish content without needing to know much about programming. WordPress hosting is usually for hosting WordPress sites. If you are considering using Wix.com Squarespace, Webflow, or Shopify. WordPress hosting is not for you. 

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the ideal solution for eCommerce stores that need highly available servers. If a server is brought down, another server takes its place, so your site can continue to operate without interruption. As a Digital Marketing Agency owner, I highly recommend businesses use Cloud Hosting. 

Are domain and hosting services essential for my online business? 

Domain and hosting work hand-in-hand. Think of a domain as your business address. And hosting is the land of your business address. Without web hosting, your site can’t exist on the internet. 

Most importantly, both services need to be renewed annually as long as your business is running. 

Those are the costs you have to pay for when running an online business. Some business owners try to avoid these expenses and it leads them to lose their website and the entire online marketing opportunities. 

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